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Photo tour North Macedonia

A great mix of history, culture and nature

Macedonia, the pearl of the Balkans

Macedonia offers a great mix of history, culture and nature. The country has high mountains and clear lakes, many richly decorated churches, monasteries and mosques. Prehistoric excavations, impressive towns with colorful markets and lively bazaars.


On this photography tour we will take you to the most beautiful places and guide you in photographing this varied range. In addition to photographing, there is of course room for relaxation and socializing with each other.

During the tour we enjoy traditional dishes from the Macedonian cuisine and drink delicious local wines in cozy restaurants, sometimes accompanied by traditional live music.

What a beautiful country to capture…

For beginners and advanced photographers

Our trip is small-scale (6-12 people) so we can guide the participants based on their individual knowledge and experience in photography.


Suzana Gulevska is your tour guide.


Suzana lives in both Nafplion and the Netherlands and speaks fluent Greek and Dutch.


Sjaak Henselmans has been a professional photographer for over 35 years and will give you tips, guide and inspire you when photographing during the trip.

Dates 2023


  • This tour is currently not scheduled
    9-day tour guided by Suzana Gulevska and photographer
    Sjaak Henselmans
  • 6-12 participants. Partners who do not wish to participate in the photo-activities, are of course also very welcome!

Subject to change.


€ 1.650,-*

Supplement single room per week € 150,-

* Excluding flight.


No more places available.


Colorful interior of a mosque in Tetovo a town in the north-west of Macedonia.


Our journey starts in the capital Skopje with its rebuilt historical center and lively bazaar. From there we travel via the special painted mosque in Tetovo to the southern town of Ohrid, known for its many cultural and historical sights and not least because of its location on the crystal clear large lake. During a boat trip we travel to the source of the lake and the famous monastery of Sveti Naum, and there will be time for a refreshing swim. We drive through the Galichitsa National Park, rich in fauna and flora (bears and wolves still live there!), to Lake Prespa. We arrive in the pleasant city of Bitola, the former capital, also called ‘City of the Consuls’. Via the tobacco town of Prilep and the Hellenistic excavations in Stobi we travel north, eventually arriving in the picturesque town of Kratovo, from where we return to Skopje.

Different types of photography

We pay attention to landscape photography, street photography, architecture photography and evening photography. Of course technique is discussed, but also composition, the art of observation and translating your travel story into images. You shoot on the basis of assignments, or you get to work freely, because a lot is possible and nothing is necessary. We will regularly discuss and review the photos and so we inspire each other and learn from each other.

Accommodation and transport

We spend the nights in comfortable hotels en route and travel by minibus.

Programme per day

Click on a day for more information.


An impression of what you will encounter during the photography tour to Macedonia…