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Photo tour Northern and Western Greece

From Thessaloniki to Corfu

Greek Macedonia and Epirus

Northern and Western Greece is a rugged and mountainous area. The Pindos Mountains, a vast mountain range with peaks of over 2600 meters, stretching from the border of Albania to the south, forms the natural border between the western province of Epirus and Greek Macedonia to the north and Thessaly further south. It is also called the backbone of Greece.


We have organized an active photo tour for you with many photo opportunities, where you are guided by our photographer.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and there learned a lot!.

Voor beginners en gevorderden

De reis is geschikt voor de enthousiaste amateurfotograaf, zowel beginner als gevorderde. Mede door de kleinschaligheid van onze reizen, wordt de begeleiding op de individuele kennis en ervaring van de deelnemers afgestemd.


We besteden veel aandacht aan de techniek van het fotograferen, maar ook aan het kijken, aan compositie en aan het verbeelden van dat wat je wilt laten zien.


Suzana Gulevska is your tour guide.


Suzana lives in both Nafplion and the Netherlands and speaks fluent Greek and Dutch.


Sjaak Henselmans has been a professional photographer for over 35 years and will give you tips, guide and inspire you when photographing during the trip.

Dates 2022


  • This tour is currently not scheduled
    9-day tour guided by Suzana Gulevska and photographer Sjaak Henselmans
  • 6-12 participants. Partners who do not wish to participate in the photo-activities, are of course also very welcome!

Subject to change.


€ 1.650,-*

Supplement single room per week € 150,-

* Excluding flight.



Terraces in the shadow of a classic arcade in Corfu Town.


We start this trip with two overnight stays in bustling Thessaloniki, the capital of Greek Macedonia. Leaving the city, our tour takes you past the imposing Mount Olympus, which rises from the sea, as it were. We are then on our way to Meteora, famous for its many monasteries, built on top of steep rock formations.


Via Kozani and the mountain town of Metsovo we drive to the area called Zagori. We visit beautiful mountain villages and the famous Vikos gorge with its many old stone bridges, still from the time of the Turkish occupation. Turkish influence can also be tasted in the extensive and very tasty cuisine. In the 1920s, a large group of ethnic Greeks were expelled from the cities on the east coast of Turkey and the Black Sea area. They mainly settled in Northern Greece and brought their culinary tradition with them.


Via Ioanina, located on the lake of the same name, we arrive in the port town of Igoumenitsa, from where we cross over to Corfu with its charming, originally Italian capital Kerkyra.


Different types of photography

At the above locations we work with different photographic disciplines (landscape photography, travel photography, architecture photography and street photography), and we also stop regularly for beautiful things that present themselves along the way.


You take photos on the basis of assignments or you go to work in your own free way, nothing has to be done – a lot is possible. We regularly discuss the photos with the enthusiasts so that we can inspire each other and learn from each other.


Accommodation and transport

We stay in beautiful hotels along the way, eat authentic Greek meals in local tavernas. We travel by minibus.

Programme per day

Click on a day for more information.



An impression of what you will encounter during the photography tour through Northern and Western Greece…